Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Together with the World to and with Obama!

After 8 long years of Bush - a fresh start. The world is seizing this historic and hopeful moment to send a flood of global messages to U.S. President-elect Obama.

Members of the Iran National Front – Germany, have joined hundreds of thousands worldwide in signing the AVAAZ community message while adding their own specific comment to it.

The joint message reads:

Dear President Obama:

As citizens across the world, we congratulate you on your election, and celebrate your campaign commitments to sign a strong new global treaty on climate change, close Guantanamo prison and end torture, withdraw carefully from Iraq, and double aid to fight poverty. No one country or leader can meet the world's most pressing challenges alone, but working together as one world in a spirit of dialogue and cooperation, yes we can bring real and lasting change.

Our comment adds:

We Iranian activists who have spent the major portion of the last eight years under the very real threat of a US military strike on Iran, even while suffering from a regime which hinders our most basic rights and the just and peaceful aspirations of our people as also the country's national development , are especially empowered by your message and example.

Yes, you can.

Thus we hope , that so can we too!

We congratulate you on furthering hope for your country and the whole world with this momentous election, and look forward to working with you for peace, common security and people's rights, as well as greater cooperation and understanding between the people of the United States of America and the people of Iran.

In Solidarity,
Iran National Front - Germany

We encourage all Iranian activists and individuals, to join us and the world community by signing the AVAAZ message at:

Our message and number of signers as well as the personal messages sent are displayed on a large wall in the centre of Washington DC .

Over the last days , the wall has hit the front pages of the Washington Post, USA Today and other leading newspapers in the US, alongside CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera and other global media. A massive global response, this moment is redefining the future relationship between the US and the world -- let's join together and get to a million signatures!

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